Guidance for updating payroll statutory rates in Opera 3

Ensure all users are logged out of Opera 3 clients.

Using the downloaded statutory rates update zip file, extract the contents of the zip file into the main Opera 3 system folder (i.e. the folder that will already contain various FRW… database tables).
Overwrite all existing FRW…tables with their replacement from the zip file.

Important: the zip file does not contain a replacement for every single FRW…table, so please do not delete the existing FRW…tables in the system file, but instead copy the contents of the zip file over the existing files.

Note: where multiple systems are in use, the zip file contents need only be extracted into the main system folder; they do not need to be copied into each additional system folder.

Log in to an Opera 3 client, open the Copy Statutory Rates form on the Payroll – Utilities menu, ensure the Set to System Default option is selected (it should be by default), then click OK to update the statutory rates for the company you are currently logged in to.

Please then repeat this process for each company that requires the latest rates.